How Equitable Scoring Works

WHGA Handicap Calculations

(How we do it)

Equitable Stroke Control is used to prevent players from intentionally inflating their handicaps. Below is a chart showing the maximum numbers of strokes allowed within a given handicap range.

NOTE: These calculations are sourced from the RCGA Handicap Calculation Handbook.


Equitable Stroke Table

Adj. Gross Score = Gross Score minus Equitable Stroke Control Adjustments.

                              Example: 85 – 3 (Adj. Strokes) = 82

Handicap for a Tournament = Adj. Gross ScoreCourse Rating X 113 / Course Slope

Note: Rating and Slope are based on White tees for all Flights.

                              Example: 8268.4 X 113 / 123 = 12.49

Current Handicap = Avg. of handicaps for Attended Tournaments (incl. Prev Year-end Handicap)